Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bay and Beyond Market

It seems like not that long ago my friend Sally and I hatched this crazy plan to organise a market for our home town.
All of a sudden, it's only days away now! 
And we've been thrilled and overwhelmed at the enthusiasm from all our fabulous stallholders.
Many are coming all the way from Melbourne and Geelong to join us.
We've also got a great selection of local makers and a some community groups as well.
So, if you're making the most of the first holiday weekend of the season with a visit to Apollo Bay, come along and make a start (and finish!) on your Christmas shopping, or get a few treats for yourself.
We've got everything from gourmet chocolates and jams, scrumptious creamy goats milk soaps and lotions, great kids and little ones clothing and toys, art prints and cards, lip balms, ceramics, amazing vintage textiles, women's fashion, jewellery of incredible diversity, scented candles, homewares......
Not to mention a cafe with great coffee and food, and facepainting for the littlies.
What an incredible range of goodies all packed into our little market in our historic Mechanics Institute Hall. 
See you here!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing a rainbow

I've been spending the last week replenishing my stocks of little shirts after a fabulous Finders Keepers.
Did I tell you already how much I love making these?
And the satisfaction of seeing them all hanging together, like a colourful cotton rainbow of colour and pattern!

I'm always a little sad when a favourite fabric runs out.
I got the last shirt made using this Liberty pattern this week.
And using the last little bit of it, I finally realised there's a little elephant lurking in the flowers!
Can you see him?
Ah, Liberty. You are a constant source of delight!

I've got another order in for more of their delicious cottons, so there'll be a new favourite arriving soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My market life

It was a big, busy, sunny, friendly, and enjoyable weekend!
Finders Keepers was another gorgeous event.
Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Buildings came to life with colour and so many beautiful things.

It really is the most amazing space for a market.

My little corner of the market.

And then on Sunday, what better way to spend a sunny day than with friends at yet another beautiful Melbourne place, the Abbotsford Convent.
It's back to work for me this week!
We're counting down to The Bay and Beyond Market from now until Cup weekend.
And looking forward to the first holiday weekend of the season too!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too!

Today I'm getting packed, ready to head off early tomorrow morning for Melbourne town for the Finders Keepers!
I can't wait!
Come along for more great indie design than you can poke a stick at, all under the historic roof of the beautiful Royal Exhibition Buildings. 
Friday night and all day Saturday too!
And then on Sunday, I'll be in the glorious gardens of the Abbotsford Convent for my monthly Melbourne market, Shirt & Skirt.
And, that's my weekend all accounted for!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Only a week to go until another Melbourne Finders Keepers!
I do love this event.
It's huge, it's in the beautiful and historic Royal Exhibition Buildings, there's so many great designers, and live music as well.
I'll be trying to get out and catch up with some of my maker friends too. 
It feels like ages since I've got out from behind my sewing machine!
There's been lots of shirt making, and the arrival of a spur of the moment purchase of some truly beautiful smooth and silky cotton chambray kept me busy for a couple of days working on a new skirt design.

And here she is.
Of course, there's a bit of Liberty worked in. 
I can't help it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spring clean

It might be a bit of procrastination, or it might be the longer and brighter days, but I took to my workroom cupboards yesterday morning in a bit of a 'I must sort this stuff out' frenzy.
And sort it out I did.
There's always a few odds and ends left over when I move from one thing to another.
And, I'd dearly love for these last few things to go off to good homes, so I've listed them in the shop.
There's very limited stock, and some things not in every size, but I've slashed and burned the prices, so here's a chance to snaffle a bargain!
Go for it by following this link right here!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Making pictures

What a glorious day it is here on our coast.
Perfect for a little time out from the workroom to take a walk on the beach. Crikey, the water's cold though, don't let the picture fool you.

And that nice little segue leads me to tell you how much I am loving instagram. 
Just being able to whip out my lovely new phone to snap a moment in the day is giving me a great deal of pleasure.
Even my work table looks more interesting! 

I'm there as frankieandray if you'd like to join me. 
And let me know if you're on there as well. 
I love to have a look at your day too.