Thursday, June 6, 2013

California dreaming

Woo hoo!
After what feels like months of planning, a holiday is almost here for us.
We're hopping on a plane and taking off to explore the great big United States of America for a whole month.
I've been cheekily referring to this trip as my long service leave!
I'm pretty organised, there is a little bit of feeling in limbo this week, but I know next week there'll be a flurry of last minute things to be done.
I will be missing my Ray and Tiger. 
Ray will be so well looked after in the luxury of a friend's welcoming home he might just choose to stay on, and our elderly cat will be happy and warm in a sunny cattery nearby.
And because I've decided that next Tuesday will be my last day for a trip to the post office for any orders, I'll be closing the online shop at the end of this Saturday until we get back on deck on July 18.
Bon voyage to us!