Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another scarf day

I've been in my workroom today making more scarves. It's been more like Winter than Spring here, we've had hail, rain, and I doubt it's got over 11 or 12. Brrr.
These are a light weight, so they go pretty much all year round, and I'm making a start on my stock for Magnolia Square. This one has some vintage Japanese kimono silk that is just beautiful, and curiously western in it's design of ribbon and flowers.
The builders have been here again this week, working away in all the bad weather, and things are coming along very nicely. I think I might miss listening to all the banter when they're gone!
I keep worrying they're freezing out there, but everytime I ask they grin and say you've got to expect this weather down here on the coast. Onya boys.

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