Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from town

With a stay with my friend Lou, a trip to the movies, dinner out, and the market on Sunday, I think I had a Melbourne happiness hangover yesterday! Too much excitement!
I can't believe I went to Shirt & Skirt without my camera again this month.
I think half the pleasure of blogging is posting something nice to look at - it's a very visual medium don't you think?
Anyway, as usual, it was a great market day. So many girls I know were there, including some new friends from the Yarraville Markets, and some old friends I haven't seen for a little while. It's a small market world!
The lovely Jen came and introduced herself to Pia and I, hello Jen if you're reading!
It was nice to meet you!
I promise to put my camera in for next month...

In the meantime, I'm busy gearing up for a huge month in November. Take a look at the list of markets I'll be at over there on the right hand side.
First up will be Melbourne Cup Weekend down here in Apollo Bay, the foreshore market on Saturday morning is usually one of the biggest and the best of the year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for kind weather.
The local crafty girls will be setting up again in the Catholic Church Hall for five days over the weekend. Do come and say hello if you're down for a beach break.

Hall at the rear of the Apollo Bay Catholic Church.


Squirt Baby said...

Cottage Nerd and I had a great day at our first Shirt and Skirt - hopefully we'll see you again at the next one! Fiona

JasperBoy said...

Hi Jo!! :)

Thanks for the shout out. I love seeing my name "up in lights".

I'm definitely reading along, just a couple of days behind as I've just returned from a work trip interstate.

Lovely to meet yourself and Pia of course too.

I've just seen that you've only got two "offical" followers, just wanted you to know that there are plenty others of us out here, but I'm going to sign up as your number three (just for the record of course ;)

Hope to see you at another market soon.

Jen in Melbourne (aka JasperBoy)

frankie and ray said...

Hello Jen! Welcome aboard then!