Thursday, October 15, 2009

A day not quite to plan (with bright spots)

I was going to get up early, have a big walk with the old bloke and Ray, clean the house, do the washing, and sew a zillion things.
It was pouring with rain this morning, so I stayed in bed for a bit. No walk.
The house is done, but there is 2 loads of wet laundry still waiting to be hung out.
No sewing so far.
And look at the time.

There was nice parcel waiting for me at the post office though.

I am not your rip it open straight away kind of gal. Oh no, I enjoyed looking at it while I ate my lunch, savouring the anticipation.

Worth every minute, look at my present to myself!

Aint he sweet?

(Dick & Dora bunny brooch from GeorgieLove, thank you Sally!)

1 comment:

Georgie Love said...

YAY! I am glad it got there safely. I actually have some tea towels to send you and I COMPLETELY FORGOT to add them to your package. They were going to be my surprise... which is now spoiled!!!