Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coming up for air...briefly

It's less than a week to go now until Magnolia Square.
I've been locked away in my workroom getting my stock ready, and I've finished a marathon skirt week. I have 6 deckchair skirts, and 12 denim skirts all packed away and ready to find new homes. Hooray!
I am looking forward to an evening in tonight with the old bloke in front of a bit of telly, and a well earned glass or two of wine!


Squirt Baby said...

I hope you enjoyed your relaxing tipple! And what did you think of the final episode of Ashes to Ashes? Good luck for Magnolia Square. See you in a couple of weeks Jo!

frankie and ray said...

Oh my goodness, what a finish to the series! Will Alex have to go back to save Gene? Of course she will! Looking forward to catching up with you again Fiona!