Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cooler, and a big weekend ahead

Maribyrnong Makers Market
Saturday November 14
10am - 3pm
Corner Gamon & Mackay Streets, Seddon

We have a cooler day down here today. A sea mist came in last night, and is still lingering. Just as well because I realised I needed to make another skirt to take to Melbourne this weekend, and I'm not tempted by the beach today.
I am also in the grip of a new idea, which will be impossible to have ready for the big market weekend I have looming, but needless to say it involves tea towels! Stay tuned.
I'm also in a bit of a dither about how much stock I might need to take with me. Doing two markets in two days is not something I normally do, so I'm erring on the generous side of things.
So, there will be plenty of goodies to choose from!

Shirt & Skirt Market
Sunday November 15
10am - 4pm
Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford


Crayon Chick said...

A new idea with tea towels - I can't wait to see it! Maybe at Magnolia Square? My fingers are crossed.

frankie and ray said...

Perhaps...! Maybe sooner!

Squirt Baby said...

Big market weekends all 'round! See you Sunday!

PS Loving those new bags.

Lizeylou said...

Am looking forward to seeing you at the Makers Market ..... Have my fingers crossed that you are bringing your gorgeous denim skirts??

frankie and ray said...

Skirts are all packed and ready to go! See you there!