Monday, November 30, 2009

What a hoot

Hello! Yes, I'm back!
Golly, I had a good time in Melbourne at Magnolia Square. It always seems like a lot of hard work getting there, but once I'm there and unpacked ready to go, it's all just one good time.
I caught up with so many other people I only seem to cross paths with at this event, it was like a big happy family reunion. I had lots of friends pop in too to say hello, thank you all.
My only regret was that I was just a bit busy to get out and do more shopping than I managed.
I did snaffle a couple of items from the gorgeous girls at Sunday Morning Designs. This owl shirt is going to be one of my wardrobe favourites. I also got the old bloke his Christmas present, some of Annie's beautiful soaps, and some cards from the very lovely Pip.
I was so lucky to be neighbours with Morgan, it makes it so much easier to have someone to just keep an eye on things from time to time. Plus, we had lots of laughs!
Oh, in case you were wondering, the deckchair skirts were very well received, and I've come home with only 3. 1 has gone home with the lovely Michelle, so I'll get to see it again from time to time!
Ah, it is nice to be home though.


Lizeylou said...

I have some Sunday morning designs pillowcases with Owls on them and they are so lovely!! And now that I have seen your very gorgeous tshirt, I want one of those too! Better put it on my Christmas list for Santa!

Squirt Baby said...

Well done Jo! It rained rather a lot at Shirt and Skirt - didn't make for good outdoor-market weather! And that t-shirt is rather nice. Mmm.

Morgan Wills said...

Thanks Jo - we had fun hey! I was pretty delirious by the end of it all! Morgan x