Saturday, January 30, 2010

Market Saturday...again!

Oh yes, another Apollo Bay market day today!
I won't be taking a break for another couple of weeks, when for a change of scenery I'll be making my first trek up to Melbourne since before Christmas for Shirt & Skirt.
It was very relaxed today, and the weather turned it on for the nicest morning we've had on a Saturday for a while. So it was a morning of time to chat and nip across the road to the cafe for a take away coffee.
Pia and I have a market theory....known to us as Murphy's Law of Market Manufacture.
It dictates that whatever you make especially to take to market (usually the day, or even the night before) will always come home with you.
And so it was with these new tea towel cushions. None in my stock after a big few weeks. Made up yesterday. Home again with me this afternoon.
Never mind. As my friend Beth says, they won't go off!

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Squirt Baby said...

Ah yes. Jacqui (Cottage Nerd) and I also came up with a similar theory - but we neglected to give it a name! I particularly like the one at the front.Yum!