Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes it is hard work

I love my market life. I really do.
Just sometimes though it can really be a slog.
Today was the first really big, busy Apollo Bay market of the tourist season.
I'd kind of forgotten about the wall of people all trying to get a look at my goods all at once.
I'd also forgotten about the ones that talk about my stuff as if I weren't there at all.
And the ones that don't make eye contact or respond when I smile and say good morning.
Just as well that for every one of those, there's ten that are really enthusiastic and complimentary. Bless you, you make it all worthwhile.
Not helped by drizzle when I arrived, then gusty wind for the rest of the morning....there I was hanging onto my umbrella pole like Mary Poppins about to take flight.
I'm about to take to the couch with a beer.

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