Friday, February 19, 2010

I love cardigans

Jo Sharp cardigan

A lovely customer, Louise, left me a comment yesterday asking if I could post a picture of a cardigan I knitted for myself. We had a nice chat about wool and cardigans and knitting at a market last year.
What an opportunity to bang on about my cardigans I thought!
I love cardigans. I do.
I did a quick count, and I own a dozen.
Yes, that's right. 12 of them.
I have 3 cardigans I’ve knitted for myself, 2 extra lovely ones from Luce Handmade, more than a handful of store bought ones , and a few special op shop numbers.
Is there any better garment for the Victorian climate? I think not. And there’ll always be room for another in my cupboard!

I knitted this cardigan last year from the pattern pictured above.
(nice green, eh?)
I’ve worn it lots, but not recently, so digging it out for a photo has got me looking forward to donning it again soon.

The labels in this favourite op shop gem make it all the more special!

1 comment:

Louise said...

Thanks Jo, thats great. Yes, exactly the cardi I was thinking of. I hope it inspires you to wear it soon (not today - too hot!)It is lovely.
see you soon, Louise