Monday, March 29, 2010

And how was your weekend?

The Apollo Bay Music Festival is all done and dusted for 2010.
What a weekend it was. Chock full of markets, music, friends, and somewhat bad weather.
We are all a little bit tired here tonight, but happily so.
My lovely friends Gaye, Rachael, and Lou came to stay with us.
Gaye and Rachael were hard at work all weekend at the street bazaar, while Lou and I and the old bloke got out and about to see and hear some fabulous music.
Caitlin Harnett singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot at the Baystock event, Fourplay wowing me with their amazing brand of music all on violins and a cello, the Wolfgramm Sisters, and The Big Low....
To wind down we took a good long walk in the mist this morning.

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