Friday, March 12, 2010

Week of Scarves : Friday

Oh, this week has come to an end too soon!
Although the weather is no longer so Wintery in my neck of the woods, so perhaps we can stop thinking about scarves for a little while longer.
Friday seems to demand a dress it up sort of scarf, so I've chosen this one from Artlab.
I stumbled across this Etsy shop in one of those follow this link to here, and then on to there sort of ways. There you'll find a selection of very striking ruffles and amazing clothing, including this ruffled collar/scarf pictured here.
I can see myself at some special do in this, feeling very sophisticated and sipping on a glass of something bubbly perhaps?
Very far removed from my normal life on the coast!

And because it's Friday, a bonus scarf to end the week.
This is another one of mine, handknitted from a luxurious blend of cashmere, silk and wool, and finished with a shiny silver shell button to hold it firmly in place.
I'm not normally one for asymmetry, but somehow I think this works for this scarf!

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