Sunday, June 20, 2010

Melbourne is marvellous

Can you believe I hadn't been to the city for 12 months?
For a girl who used to work in town, this seems incredible.
I had a whole day, by myself, in there on Friday.
What joy!

A visit to see the Craft Victoria window by Gaye.
A not so stunning photo, but definitely a stunning display of winter woolly goodness by Body Parts.

Walking down Collins Street, I was stopped in my tracks by this window display at Hermes.
Now, you can take the girl out of the Library....
Yes, for many years that was my profession!

A visit to Buttonmania for these beautiful treasures, and a long and lovely chat with Kate.
A tip for you.....the famous Buttonmania sale starts tomorrow and goes for a whole week.
In the Nicholas Building, up the stairs to level 2.

And right next door has opened this little shop of swoon inducing vintage haberdashery.
I came away with some beautiful vintage yarn - think vaguely '70s - being knitted up into scarves and cosies right now!
Go and pay L'uccello a visit, you won't escape without a little purchase.

And finally, a pair of red suede ballet flats for me, because, well, you know, they'll be so practical here in the country where it rains a lot, and our street is a dirt road!


Off The Peg said...

Ohh the red ballet flats are pretty. Who needs practical!

Crayon Chick said...

What a beautiful post! I've lifted my head out of my lurgy fuzz for a quick visit and I'm very glad I have. Desperately sorry I won't be able to pop into Northcote on Saturday. But the state I'm in at the moment you probably wouldn't want me any where near your lovely self! Stay warm and snuggled, Michelle x