Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A bit of a sewing hiccup yesterday made me realise I probably needed a day away from the sewing machine.
Unpicking a seam on a bit of recycled jumper made me grumpy and just a wee bit emotional.....
So, I've given myself the day off from the workroom today.
A little pause in proceedings was definitely in order.
I've celebrated by cleaning the house, properly. And as an ex-Librarian, a bit of order certainly restores my sense of all's right in the world!
I've picked some lemons from the tree and am going to make a bottle of lemon cordial.

Oh, yes.


Squirt Baby said...

Lemon delicious? Yes please! Is there a full moon or something cos I'm cleaning like a mad woman here. Enjoy your sparkly surrounds.

Crayon Chick said...

Yum, yes please! You know, when you just keep slogging away at it because you 'have to' it can get on top of you. I'm all for taking a break - a total, guilt free, playtime break - because I find I always hit the deck with more vigour on my return to what 'must' be done. Enjoy those lemons! xx