Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday driving

How nice was the weather this morning?
I'd somehow managed to forget to wash and dry another length of denim for skirts, so no sewing was going to get done today!
Too nice to stay inside, we grabbed the opportunity and got out of the house for a little drive round to the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

I was talked into going right to the top, despite there being an incredible last flight of stairs that are more like a ladder, and the fact that heights make me very uncomfortable. Oh yes, I complained all the way up. And down again.
Don't mention the balcony.
I was out and in again faster than you can say acrophobia!

How about this for a beach house?
The old Telegraph Station and official Post Office has been restored and opened up since we last visited.
The last family lived here as late as 1978, and I couldn't help but think what an amazing childhood it would be with Cape Otway as your backyard, and not a neighbour for miles.

This little section of wallpaper's been left in the restoration of one of the bedrooms.
It was a Christmas present to the girls of the keeper's family in the 1960s.
It must have been lovely for them to lie in bed and watch these ballerinas dancing across the walls to the sound of the ocean...I wonder what they might have been dreaming of?


Squirt Baby said...

Last August we made the same trek - and it was incredibly windy on the balcony. So windy we were advised not to hold the children while we were up there - in case they blew off!!

Cool Rider said...

My husband actually painted that lighthouse!