Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm back, relaxed, and with a big list

We're home after a really fabulous holiday.
The sun shone, the sky was (mostly) blue, I read 3 books and had quite a nice break from my technology!
Can I bore you with some holiday snaps? Is this the modern equivalent of the slide night?

I am partial to a Lighthouse. The Byron Bay one didn't disappoint.

Clarkes Beach. What a view, eh?

A day trip to the very lovely little town of Bangalow.

Oh my. This Bangalow emporium of all things kind of old and kind of industrial had my pulse racing.
If only we'd driven up instead of flying....

And our gorgeous home away from home in Bryon Bay, Frangipani Cottage.
So, now I need to turn my attention back to the real world!
I'm back in the workroom today filling an order for some tea towel lovelies for the Local Shop, some top-up shirts have been sent round to Flying Fishes, and great news arrived in my inbox to say that I'll be going to the Finders Keepers in October! Now that's something to really look forward to.


Squirt Baby said...

Oh I'm having palpitations. That emporium - I must go there now! Love a slide night - we were contemplating one just the other night, amusing/boring our kids with our childhood snaps. Good to hear you had a lovely hol and congrats on Finders Keepers. Exciting!

the textured leaf said...

I bought a double ceramic sink from there two years ago for our-one-day-house. I love that place!

You have very nice feet, x