Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A sunny day in Lorne

Yesterday was the perfect day to take a little drive around to Lorne to visit Flying Fishes with a big fat bag full of t-shirts for the shop.
A sunny, blue sky day.
Not a soul on the beach (it was Monday after all).
Plenty of time to have a chat with Liz, and admire her latest window adventure.
A vintage push bike, a basket of lemons, pretty knickers on a line, and a striped hat I could see myself in! 

Apologies for the slightly dodgy photo - it's almost impossible to photograph Liz's window on a sunny day!

Going to Lorne is a bit of a day out for me.
I always have a bit of luck in the lovely op shop there - this time a blue jumper with a fantastic orange, olive green and red striped band across it. That's going to make a fabulous scarf!
I also couldn't resist this linen dress for me.
I'm having a bit of shopper's remorse over this, I mean, I do spend most of my life in denim, and very rarely a dress, but I will just have to keep myself from saving it 'for good'!


wendy june said...

that linen dress was in an actual opp shop?!? what the? good find!

Frankie and Ray said...

Aha, ha! I've just seen that I've misled you! Nooooo, I'm afraid I got the dress in an actual boootique....

Lizeylou said...

I love this dress ... So much so that I think I have a little case of dress envy!