Monday, November 22, 2010

Carnie folk

I'm a bit knackered today.
Gosh, I enjoyed my weekend though.
Couldn't have asked for better weather, or nicer markets, or any more chat with friends.
My friend Beth says we market sellers are 'carnie folk' (carnival workers) with 'sunburnt noses and dirty feet'.
I don't know about dirty, but I have blisters that will keep me in thongs for the rest of this week at least.

And these are the culprits.
I love these sandals.
They have ric rac, and gingham, and buttons.
But the first wear of every new warm season they make me pay for their gorgeousness.
And paying, I am.

1 comment:

the textured leaf said...

Carnie folk. Love that. Great to hear you had good weather, x