Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's nearly time to...

The sewing machine's been turned off, I've tidied up the workroom, and there's a huge pile of colourful stuff waiting to be labelled and packed away all ready to take to Melbourne.
It's been a big year with some big markets, but I'm really looking forward to Magnolia Square this week.
The St Kilda Town Hall is a beautiful venue, and I come over all a bit excitable looking at the list of stallholders.
I'm so looking forward to catching up with some market friends and seeing what lovely things they'll have on offer.
Ooooh. Maybe a little bit of shopping?
My neighbours this time will be the beautifully colourful Alouette, and the seriously tempting Fudge by Rich.
Lucky for me there'll be something yummy next door to help keep my strength up for the 4 days of trading!
You'll recognise me by my chocolate moustache.


LUcÉ Handmade said...

Can't wait to pop in and say hello :) Good luck with setting up Jo, don't sugar overload on the first night :) Anne xx

wendy june said...

see you there!

Lauren said...

Hope it's going well for you Jo! 4 days is HUGE!