Thursday, November 25, 2010

My creative space... still about making skirts.
This is the last one in this stripe.
Did I hear a sigh of relief? Must have been me!
I didn't have as much of this fabric as I thought, so unless I can source a bit more, this is it. 5 only.
Still, it's quite good to have a small run of something, chances are you won't be turning up somewhere to find someone else wearing the same thing!

While I've been sewing, I've been enjoying looking at a creative space of a different kind.
The garden has gone beserk with all the rain we've been having, and the foxgloves have been amazing this year.
To be honest, there's not a huge amount of creative effort that goes into the garden, it's a look after itself sort of space, but all the more lovely for it I think!
Happy Thursday, and more creative inspiration over here!

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Janet said...

I love to read about how life is going down at Skenes. David and I can't wait to move down there, we have the house on the corner of Point Ave and Bass Crescent. Love reading your blog! Maybe catch up over Christmas! Cheers Janet