Friday, December 31, 2010

On my wall...Ray, no Frankie

Really, I think I've been waiting for an excuse!
Thanks Wendy for giving me one.
My favourite boy (of the four legged kind) perfectly captured by Mischa Merz, a talented friend I used to work with. She was keen to try her hand at painting a greyhound, and I was keen to get a picture!
This amazing girl is a writer, a boxer, and an artist.
Is the sign of a good portrait that the eyes follow you around the room?
These big brown ones do!
Otherwise, on this last day of the year I've been doing a little cooking for dinner with some friends tonight, and waiting for the cool change to arrive.
It's too windy to go to the beach, and too hot to do anything else.
Wherever you are, have a wonderful new year, and thanks for joining me in my adventures this year. It's been a joy to be in this space!

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the textured leaf said...

Thanks for posting this. Shes an awesome artist isnt she? I love her style. Beautifully captured Ray. x