Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon

I found my old pinking shears today.
They were all a bit rusty and stiff, and the old bloke took them away and gave them some tlc.
They came back as good as new!
(Gotta love a man handy with scissors)
Of course, I had to have a play around with them.

First some leaf shapes.

Then some circles.

Perhaps on the front of a t-shirt?

Or maybe the neckline?

I think I'm liking this!
I'm not sure I'm completely finished.
I'm thinking 3 different fabrics perhaps?
I need to tweak my stitching too.
But, I think I'm on the way to something a bit new.
All in an afternoon's play!


Janet said...

Fancy all this was happening as we packed up and drove past your place back to Melbourne. Love the concept.

the textured leaf said...

Very nice. Youve found your Mo-Jo! x

Crayon Chick said...

YES!!! I want one. Thank you very much! x