Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hot Saturday with scarf musings

Here's an early morning shot from the Apollo Bay market.
A pretty hot start to the day after a very rare (for here) hot, hot night.
Did anyone sleep anywhere in the state last night?
Thankfully, a wind change cooled things off for us a little about 9 this morning, and the rest of the day was rather nice.
I'm enjoying the holiday market crowds, everyone's in a good mood - even with a lack of sleep. I had a great surprise visit from Jacquie as well.
I missed out on my favourite apricot jam for the second week in a row, and our free range egg seller was sold out by the time I got over there as well.
Ah well, I'll just have to wait until next week!

Perversely in this hot weather (which I've been longing for after our cold Winter and Spring), I've been looking at this beautiful scarf and wondering if there's any yarn in my stash that might do the job.
I've never been much good at using circular needles, but for this I'd be prepared to have another go!
Never mind if it's 30ish in the shade....

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Crayon Chick said...

Oh, that scarf is fabulous! It's mad that now I think I could happily get some guilt-free 'personal' knitting done, but not in this made almost-40 heat! Fingers crossed you get some eggs and jam next time. A big mwah to you! x