Thursday, January 20, 2011

They're back!

My not so secret guilty pleasure!
I lurve a bit of 1980s nostalgia.
Gene and Alex, and the Quattro of course, in Ashes to Ashes.
Week 2 tonight, I'm out (again), but I'll be firing up the vcr (oh yes, it's 1980s high tech around here) so I don't miss a minute.
I know my friend Crayon Chick will be watching along too - possibly in shoulder pads and big earrings!


Squirt Baby said...

My hair is permanently in the 80s, especially when it's a bit humid. Thanks for the reminder!

Crayon Chick said...

You know I used to have a whole drawer in my dresser dedicated to shoulder pads, they were velcro-ed into everything!!! xx

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh my goodness, me too...I even put them in t-shirts! (cringe)

Anonymous said...

I am putting a very guilty hand up also to admit that I love this. I have just discovered it a couple of weeks ago, now that i have joined in with a new generation of tv. Yes, I can now get more than 2,7,9 and 10!!!!!

I'm a bit behind the eight ball and still trying to sort it all out, but Mookah man and I are both completly hooked on it.

Mummy mookah