Friday, March 4, 2011

Colour crush and op shops

I've been a bit absent from this space this week it seems.
We did have a little day trip to Camperdown for a visit to the op shops.
My favourite one there is called the Sunshine Shop. How sweet is that, and the ladies are gorgeous.
It's the old school type of op shop, meaning that you need to sit on the floor and sort through the shelves to find your treasures. And we did!
I think we could all use some sunshine today don't you?

from here

and here

I love this too.
Have a great weekend.


the textured leaf said...

beautiful images. Ive been sitting on lots of opshop floors lately. I knew you could inspire me today, x

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh, Wendy! I was thinking of you...I saw some blankets! I was in two minds whether to buy them or not, but thought it would be impossibly expensive to post them to you.

LUcE said...

Love the skirt Jo :) Reminds me of your cushions... Of which I think I will snuggle up too tonight on the couch :) Have a lovely weekend... Anne xx