Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reminders of Japan

Every Autumn my garden erupts into a mass of pink flowers. Beautiful Japanese windflowers.
People have been known to stop in the street to admire the display.
I have more mixed feelings, occassionally thinking they're just too much, they don't allow anything else to shine.
Every year I pull them out by their roots, every year they come back as strongly as the last.
This morning as I've been sewing, I've been looking at these tough as old boots beauties outside my workroom window. I've been noticing the Japanese influence in the design of the fabrics I'm working with.
Reminding me of the awful news coming out of Japan every day.
Hoping that the Japanese people can be as resilient and tough as these delicate flowers.


Georgie Love said...

They are beautiful.

I hope you hear from your friends soon.


Fiona said...

Lovely words Jo.

Frankie and Ray said...

Thank you....