Monday, May 2, 2011

Home sweet home

After a fantastic time in good old Melbourne for Magnolia Square, I'm home!
My hometown put on the best of Autumn weather, and the Malvern Town Hall looked so beautiful with the space full of so much gorgeous stuff.
Yet again I left home without my camera, but when I realised it wasn't with me, I thought that if that was the only thing I'd forgotten to bring, then I'd be ok with that!
So, all I can share is some pics of my spoils....

My new favourite top. I've worn it twice already.
From my friends at Klei. The best market neighbours, we always have such a nice time!

This photo doesn't do justice to this lovely porcelein ring from Shabana Jacobson. I made myself buy the orange one instead of the green, but I'm glad I did. I love it!
(I don't think my next career will be as a hand model, do you?)

Stocking up on cute and irresistable cards from Printspace.
I just love having a big pile to choose from.

Other goodies?
Fudge. None left.
Jam Lady Jam - Apricot and cardamom. Can't wait to crack into that for my breakfast toast!
Lots of great catching up with the crafty girls, and thanks to the special customers who came to say hello too. It's great to get out of the workroom for a bit of chat!


Anonymous said...

i did spy that ring on your finger and was admiring it very much. I own a shabana piece myself..... they are stunning and always a talking point when you wear them.

Mummy mookah

Ben Paola said...

Glad you are enjoying your top Jo.
Always a pleasure being neighbours at the market.