Monday, June 27, 2011

Cosy, cosy, cosy


I've been bedded down on the couch with my knitting needles lately.
I can think of worse things to be doing than keeping busy with some yummy brightly coloured yarns, the fire going and the sun shining.
I've waved farewell to these little cosies today.
They're off to their new home, a cafe due to open in August (stay tuned for details!) where if you order a pot of tea, the pot will come dressed in a little bit of Frankie & Ray bright woolly sweetness.
Oh, and I was pondering what would be the collective noun for cosies?
A comfort, a splash, or maybe even a brew?


Crayon Chick said...

Be still my heart, I can't believe how beautiful they all look lined up like little frilly showgirl revue!

Frankie and Ray said...