Friday, July 8, 2011

Pleasure and business!

Hooray for Friday!
I've been waiting with excitement for today to roll around for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, I'm heading off to the Dandenongs to spend a couple of nights with a very good girlfriend and her family. I can honestly (and cheekily) say that she is my oldest friend. We met before we even started school.
Living so far away from each other means we don't get to catch up that often, but it's always a pleasure when we do!
And then, because she's such a good friend, she won't mind at all when I get up very early on Sunday morning to head down to the beautiful Hawthorn Town Hall for the first ever Melbourne Boutique Markets.
I've been away from the markets for a couple of months, and I'm bursting at the seams with excitement to have a day out with some new things. Not to mention a chance to browse some of the great things that'll be there.
Definitely worth rugging up and getting out of the house for! 


wendy hill said...

I seriously need to get out more and see you at markets but I always seem to be doing one on the same day lately ! argghhh.
Have an awesome time at market and thanks for being sooo supportive with my preparations. I really didnt think I was going to make this one. Im okay now.
ps. there'll be a giveaway at mine this evening. Youre the first to know!

Word verification is 'cripes'. Im sure thats an aussie word?

wendy hill said...

Just scrolled up and youre on sunday so I may make it! x