Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Running away to the city

Emilie Floge captured in all her glory by Gustav Klimt.

Today I'm running off to town to be a tourist for a day. 
I can't wait to see the Vienna Art & Design Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.
I first learnt about the wonderful work of Gustav Klimt when I studied Interior Decoration many moons ago now, and I was instantly smitten by the use of colour and pattern in his work.
I expect to drive my friend mad with a fair bit of ooohing and aahhing!
To put the icing on my little trip there'll be dinner afterwards, and a visit to one of my favourite stockists tomorrow morning before I head home again.
See you when I get back!


Hannah said...

Oh! I Hope you have fun! I love Klimt, he has to be one of my favorite artists!

wendy hill said...

have a great time, Jo. I always seem to miss the exhibitions that come along and it looks like i may miss this one too. oh well, theres always another looming.
Interior decorating hey? ....x

Morgan Wills said...

I too love Klimt and was introduced to him many moons ago when I studied Art History as part of my Interior Design course. So beautiful mxo