Sunday, August 21, 2011

Postcard from Galle

A room just like ours at The Fortress Hotel. Can I move in I wonder?

Greetings everyone!
It feels mighty odd to be typing this all the way from beautiful Sri Lanka. The miracles of modern living!
I couldn't resist the offer of using a laptop and having a little check in on everyone...
Meanwhile, we are in love with this country. 
There are spices, and tea plantations, and sensational foods, and crazy, crazy traffic, and balmy sea breezes.
The people are friendly and put us all to shame by speaking English everywhere.
We've been driving around the country, and Galle is our last stop before home next week. 
I'll have plenty more to show and tell when I get back. See you then!


Lyndi said...

Looking forward to seeing some of your holiday treasures Jo. Hope you're having a lovely birthday in Galle.Lyndi x

wendy hill said...

Hi Jo!
Looks like youre going swimmingly well from where I sit. That's one stylish pad, far out girlfriend! Be careful, you might just want to redecorate when you get home. Holidays can do that to you. Fly home safely, x

Crayon Chick said...

Oh how gorgeous! This will be a great place to use as a Happy Place to mentally revisit when things go a little mad! Isn't modern technology fab, so lovely to hear from you from across the ocean! Happy holidays, xx

Louise said...

Looking gorgeous. Can't wait to hear of your adventures. Happy Birthday from one Leo to another:) xx