Thursday, August 4, 2011


In a week the old bloke and I are off for a bit of a holiday.
It's been a couple of months in the planning, and the to do list is slowly getting smaller.
We're down to the fun stuff now after dealing with the vaccination shots, the insurance, booking the animals into their holiday homes, and all the other endless little things that need to be organised...
I'm up to the important business of deciding what I absolutely must pack to take with me for a two week trip.
Do I really need those sandals as well, or will I end up spending every day in thongs?
I quite fancy travelling in the old fashioned way with lots of luggage, but only if I had someone to carry it for me!
Instead, I'm attempting a new record in travelling light, hoping to squish everything into an overnight sized bag.
Thank goodness I won't be needing jumpers, or coats, or boots, but what about the shopping?


Morgan Wills said...

Great to see you on Sunday Jo. Have a lovely holiday! xx

Mookah said...

What? An overnight bag? Are you serious? Wear your floral sarong every day if you want to, but where are you going to put all those little gems you pick up along the way?

Or is it all going in the old blokes suitcase?