Monday, November 28, 2011

A week of possibilities

It's Monday morning, and I'm not quite sure where I should start this week!
It's been more than a month of just keeping ahead of things, and lots of driving. Not that I mind. I love a road trip, and a visit with city friends, and all the markets I've been at.
Saturday was looking a little challenging at Maribyrnong Makers Market. To say that it rained somehow doesn't quite give the right impression of how the weather turned out. It poured, teemed, bucketed....!
But, I was set up under my market umbrella, and staying dry. It was actually too wet to pack up, so I just settled in to wait the weather out. And then the most amazing thing happened.
People started arriving armed with their umbrellas and good humour, and they just carried on as if the rain wasn't happening at all!
This is what makes this market my favourite Melbourne market - it's so well supported and anticipated that even a flood of rain wasn't going to stop anyone from shopping! And I have to thank the fantastic organisers for that.
And now here I am at the beginning of a few weeks of not travelling, and I'm thinking I might just have a play with some of my tea towel collection for some new bags. All of a sudden I'm down to just one in my stock.
Stay tuned, there might even be some to go in the shop later this week!


Crayon Chick said...

Be still my heart - that bag is just perfection!!! It's nice looking back at something and realising there was an unexpected lovely thing that happened when you least expect it! Good luck with your week of non-travel and playtime. x

the textured leaf said...

That bag is stunning! No wonder that you only have one left. Great to hear about the market success, x

Mookah said...

Glad someone had a good market day on Saturday Jo! Lovely bag BTW....