Saturday, December 10, 2011

ho, ho, ho

It's that time of the year again!
It sneaks up on me every time. Every year I promise myself I won't get caught next year.
(so remind me won't you)
I always think I'm going to have a quiet month, and then before I know it, I'm madly running around ordering fabric and tees, and making a daily dash down to the post office!
Thank goodness for the patience and support of my suppliers. I can sleep easy knowing that everything I need for January is on it's way.
I'm loving the idea of some Frankie & Ray things under people's trees for Christmas. I hope they all bring a smile to the girls they're going to.
These belts are lined up waiting to be packed off first thing on Monday, a couple as presents for others, and a couple as a present to the lovely girl who's made the order. I'm a firm believer in buying yourself something for Christmas!
Ah, December. 
You were supposed to be the lull before the January coastal madness!
No market this weekend, but I'll be back on the road for a final Melbourne fling for 2011 next week!

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the textured leaf said...

Have fun with it!
Sound like you have it under control anyway even though its mad! x