Saturday, December 3, 2011

Once more

I was supposed to be having a day off from the market going today.
But, I had the car all packed for the Apollo Bay Indoor Market (where the lovely Beth will look after everything), so when the weather seemed ok this morning, I thought, what the heck....'s the last chance to be down on the foreshore before Christmas!
I had a lovely morning. There were quite a few locals out and about, and an interestingly large number of European and English tourists.
One of my tea towel cushions is off to the UK, insert and all. The new owner was smitten with it as a souvenir of her holiday, and she's going to use it as a pillow on her journey home on the plane.
Another lovely local lady has bought a cushion for her daughter who is returning home after 2 years living and working in London. That one had a map of England on it.
I love how people make a connection to the tea towels I've used, and when that happens there's never too much thinking about the purchase. Plus, I get to hear some delightful stories!
Of course, I couldn't have managed this morning without my hardworking assistant....

ps. All these photos are for you, Wendy!


the textured leaf said...

Thanks Jo!!!
Its funny that im just home from my market and am sipping a milo to recharge, (were out of tea bags! Oh the shame) and what do I do? I come in here and find this. A post specially for me, yay! I know you meant just the photos but im claiming the whole lot.
I had a great day too, so am very low in stock for wednesday. Argggh!


ps I so want to take Rustico to market. He would love it

Frankie and Ray said...

Cheers, Wendy! Great to hear you had a good day! Ray loves the market, he gets so many cudddles....

A-minor said...

Love your denim skirts! See you at the markets. x