Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And that was January

Phew. January's been busy.
It's gone fast and slow if that makes sense.
And I've loved every visitor, every swim, and every market Saturday.

There's a funny end of Summer feeling about town this week.
It seems everyone's thoughts have turned to kids going back to school, and all the beginning of the working year things that need to get done.
The carnival's packed up and gone from the foreshore, there was nobody on the beach walking this morning, and getting a park in the main street is a case of choose your spot for the first time in a month!
It's a little bit melancholy.

But I know soon enough we'll have the February travellers here to enjoy what's usually the nicest weather of the year on the coast. 
To lift my spirits today, two big fat parcels of new fabric arrived in my post office box.
Beautiful soft corduroy, in gorgeous Autumny colours.....skirts!


Emma Di Stefano said...

They look Yummy!

Lizeylou said...

oooh I love them.
Very fancy skirts they will be!!