Monday, January 2, 2012


I've been off air for a bit.
Busy and distracted! But in a good way.
Too busy and distracted to take my camera anywhere this week, so I'm recycling my beach feet photo from the year before last....that's ok isn't it?
You get the drift!
What's been happening in your new year? 
We've had friends to stay, and other friends who are staying in Apollo Bay. Which means there's been dinners, and drinks, and walks, and cards, and days of lazing about drinking coffee and eating panforte, and all manner of fantastic holiday stuff.
The weather's been amazing too, so we've even been swimming. Which is more than we did in the miserable wet Summer of last year.
I'm loving January.
I'm looking forward to a little gap in the visitors this week so I can get some sewing done. The cushions walked away from my market stall last Saturday, all off to new couches and chairs and holiday houses.
I have no resolutions to make and break, but perhaps I can find something a little more interesting to show and tell in the next week!
Happy New Year!

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