Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A breather

Hello and greetings from sunny Apollo Bay!
That's me yesterday, posing for the old bloke in the middle of a hilariously bad round of golf.
It's been months since we've been out together on the course, but the good weather demanded at least a few hours out of the house.
Just what I needed after what feels like months of busy market weeks.
I'm making plans for the rest of this week that includes pretty ordinary stuff like giving the house a proper clean, doing a little bit of gardening, and writing an overdue letter to my dearest and favourite Aunt.
It's nice to be taking a little bit of a break.
But, of course, there's always plans for making new stuff happening here too!
I had a last minute frenzy of shirt making before Magnolia Square last week, and the happy result has me waiting for some new gorgeous Liberty fabric to make some more...

In the meantime, I'll be making the most of this sunny Autumn week!


the textured leaf said...

Im always inspired by a last minute frenzy. Now theres a great meme idea. Only they dont call it that anymore do they? Very nice shirt Jo,

Frankie and Ray said...

Thanks Wendy! You make me laugh! Marvellous us your last minute frenzy! I love it! xx