Sunday, June 3, 2012

The shirt off my back

Noticing a theme over here?
I can't seem to stay away from shirts, especially when I came home from the city with a bag of more Liberty from the fabulous Amitie Textiles store.
My afternoon spent chatting in there surrounded by bolts of colour and pattern proved too much for my willpower.
I was lucky enough to be a last minute dinner guest to farewell some friends of my hostess who are, as we speak, enjoying some Summer in Italy. That's hard to take on this freezing cold, gloomy, and wet afternoon, but I digress....
I happened to be wearing my little shirt with a cardi, and the girl leaving the very next day on a jet plane was so taken with it, she talked me into buying it from me. Literally, I've sold the shirt off my back!
I'm getting a little thrill thinking of it and she having happy times on a European Summer holiday.
This new one is a custom order, destined for the mail this week, but I'm loving the colours and combination so much, a twin may have to be my replacement.


Fiona said...

My goodness lady - you have been busy. Those shirts are beautiful - I'm rather drawn to the red long sleeved one. The weather here today is great for knitting - so cold and wet (are we allowed to complain about the rain now?). Cheerio dearest!

Frankie and Ray said...

Fiona! Where have you been? Can't wait to have a catch up. It's been raining non stop here for 2 days....good knitting (and sewing!) weather indeed.