Friday, June 15, 2012


Have you noticed the way the light is changing?
It's getting closer to the shortest day, and Winter is here.

I'm no fan of this season, but at least a sunny day or two makes it a bit easier.
In the city I could almost get through Winter in a bit of denial, but down here there's no central heating to take the chill off the house in the morning before I poke my toes out from under my doona, my workroom is a walk in fridge until I put the heater on down there and go away for half an hour, and the morning walk sees me heading out of the house rugged up in several layers, and a hat, gloves, and scarf are absolutely essential.
I'm slowly learning to dress properly for life down here in the chilly south, and much to my own amusement I've taken to wearing a singlet!
All that nagging I used to get as a child...

The days of June seem to have settled into a nice routine.
Mornings I've been pre-heating my workroom and getting a shirt or two made.
It's nice to be slowly building a good number of these gorgeous tops to be ready for a couple of markets in the next month, and then for Spring beyond, when the air will be a little warmer.
This one is another custom order - a total pleasure to make up in a fabric that is totally not in my usual colour palette, but so delicate and feminine.

Then in the afternoon I can happily come upstairs to keep knitting with the fire burning, and enjoy a bit of afternoon sunshine if I'm lucky!

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Michelle Harvey said...

I just love that photo of your rug! I've been chasing the light as well. Thinking of you grinning and bearing as I grin and bear feels like we're in it together, and that warms my heart!