Monday, December 31, 2012


What a great way to finish up the year!
Wendy June and I loved every single minute of our pop-up.

The historic and pretty little St Aidan's Anglican Church Hall all prettied up with bunting.

Pretty on the inside too!

Wendy's newly designed and made dresses were a total hit.
I think she has only one left.

My shirts were popular too.

The whole experience of having a shop sized space to play in was so much fun.
Going back to a normal market stall space might be tricky...
A surprise visit from my very dear friend Michelle and her partner made my day.
Especially as I didn't know they were coming...all the way from Melbourne!

Farewell 2012, and welcome 2013!
I hope I'm lucky to be surrounded again by good friends and enjoy as many fun times.
And I wish the same for you too!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Here we go then!

Our fridge is full, the house is clean, and there's a truckload of freshly made Frankie & Ray goodies all waiting to be loaded into the car ready for three days of wonderful fun with the gorgeous Wendy June.
Merry Christmas all, and we hope to see you here!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A different space

I've done my last drive to Melbourne for the year, and my last city market until next year too.
The sun is shining, and our little seaside town is starting to get a little busy.
I love this time of year.
The carnival is set up on the foreshore, and next week the town will be positively humming with holiday crowds until the end of January.

While lots of my city friends are winding down for a bit of a break, I'm cranking it up a notch!
It's like being in a kind of parallel universe.
I do love the busy time down here though, and the luxury of not having to travel too far.

 Wendy and I are busy getting ready to hang out together in our pretty little Anglican church hall for 3 days.
I've been busy making a mountain of cushions, enough little shirts to keep everyone happy, and all the other assorted things I do.
We'd love to see you if you find yourself taking a break by the beach, so pop in to our pop up!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mid week, this week!

One last trip to Melbourne for me for a good couple of months.
Ah, I am so much looking forward to a whole Summer in my home town.
If you're stuck for a few last minute Christmas gifts (inlcuding something for yourself!), this mid week twilight market will be just the ticket.
Plus, there'll be bubbles.
Yes please!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Popping up in the Bay

All good things come as a bit of a surprise don't they?
And this one just came about in a 'it's meant to be' kind of way.
My lovely and clever crafty friend Wendy June will be coming down to Apollo Bay to join me in a pop-up that literally was only organised this week!
We're so lucky to be able to use this delightfully pretty and small old church hall right at the top of town.
There's been a flurry of emails, and floorplans, and list making!
We're going to make this space a total treat to spend 3 days in, right in the busy time between Christmas and New Year.
Exciting? For sure!
If you're spending a Christmas break down the coast, do come and visit us at St Aidan's Anglican Church Hall from Thursday December 27 right through until the end of Saturday December 29.
It'll be fun!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Extra luscious

And just a little quickie to say that I've been busy making up some more of these favourite soft and silky bamboo and organic cotton tees. 
Isn't that grass green just the best? And that Liberty print is in all the colours that are perfect for Summer.
I've been able to grab some in a larger size, so if you're curvy like me, or just like to wear your tees on the loose side, then you can grab one of these in an extra luscious from the shop!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laying low

December already?
I can't possibly bang on again about how time is flying at this business end of the year.
It feels like much longer ago than a week that I was at two fabulous markets in Melbourne and Geelong.

These shirts have truly come into their own now that Summer seems to be here.

I really love it when people love something as much as I do.
So, I've been busy working away with my favourite Liberty cotton lawns turning out more.
I'm working hard on getting my stocks up for my last Melbourne market of the year in a couple of weeks time, and then for the busy January in my home town.
Seriously, how good is that celadon green?
There might be one of those making it's way into my wardrobe.... add to the three others that I haven't been able to resist already!