Monday, December 31, 2012


What a great way to finish up the year!
Wendy June and I loved every single minute of our pop-up.

The historic and pretty little St Aidan's Anglican Church Hall all prettied up with bunting.

Pretty on the inside too!

Wendy's newly designed and made dresses were a total hit.
I think she has only one left.

My shirts were popular too.

The whole experience of having a shop sized space to play in was so much fun.
Going back to a normal market stall space might be tricky...
A surprise visit from my very dear friend Michelle and her partner made my day.
Especially as I didn't know they were coming...all the way from Melbourne!

Farewell 2012, and welcome 2013!
I hope I'm lucky to be surrounded again by good friends and enjoy as many fun times.
And I wish the same for you too!

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