Friday, February 1, 2013

Shirts, Saturdays, February

It's been more shirt making this week.
I did have a moment when I idly wondered how many I've made since I first tested out my design way back in May last year.
Too many to count? Maybe!
I'm never tired of them. There's beautiful new Liberty cottons arriving almost weekly at the moment to inspire me afresh.
One thing is certain this week - the big January holiday crush is over as fast as it arrived!
The holiday makers change from families to couples and lots of travellers from foreign lands this month.
I'm planning on another morning down at my local market tomorrow, and looking forward to a more relaxed pace with time for a coffee and a chat.
There might even be time for an afternoon on the beach this week too if I'm lucky!
Welcome to you February, I've been waiting for you!

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