Thursday, March 27, 2014

Patchwork diversions

At this time of year things start to slow down from the hectic pace of Summer, and my thoughts turn to patchwork.
It informs almost all of my work, and it's like play to fiddle about with different colours and patterns in all those little bits of fabric I accumulate.
My love affair with Instagram has introduced me to some amazing fabric designers and quilters.
What a community it is.
Karen is the woman behind Blueberry Park making beautiful fabrics and quilts. She's been such an inspiration for me, and gave me the little push I needed to try my hand at some patchwok a little more complicated than what I've tried before.

This quilt top is all sewn together and just awaiting a little time to get it together with some backing and wadding before I can settle in for a Winter of hand quilting.
If you look closely you find plenty of fabrics from Melbourne based fabric designer and screen printer Maze & Vale. They've been perfect for this quilt!

Of course, I couldn't resist the siren call of the half square triangle, and I'm loving this versatile little patchwork block.

Resisting the urge to turn this into the beginnings of another quilt, I've turned it into a cushion instead.
And keep an eye out for some in the shop soon, perfect to add a bit of patchwork goodness to your home!

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