Monday, September 21, 2009

Spring flowers

We had a great day out at Shirt & Skirt yesterday. I was going to post some pretty market pictures, but went to Melbourne without my camera. Oops.
Here's a shot of one of my new designs instead. You can get one from me at the market, or from Flying Fishes, I Dream a Highway, and very soon from Georgielove.


Georgie Love said...

We are working on it! Snotty baby again, no sleep and I have a weird cleaning compulsion at the moment. PLUS I broke the keyboard on my machine where all the photo editing gets done. Photos are taken and are on the way, sorry, I am usually faster then this (but can't fight cleaning compulsions when they rarely find me!) :-)

Crayon Chick said...

My favourite new Frankie and Ray top! I love it and I get so many comments whenever I wear it. Thanks for being so clever!

frankie and ray said...

A bit of anticipation won't hurt anyone! You do a splendid job over there at GeorgieLove land!