Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I digress

Picture courtesy BBC

I've just had a little exchange with my friend Crayon Chick about Ashes to Ashes.
We've been loving this show.
The music, the hair, the fashion. Gene Genie, DI Alex Drake, the whole package.
We've decided that Philip Glenister is indeed a bit of alright...


Crayon Chick said...

Aaargh!!! How FABULOUS!!!

frankie and ray said...

You are referring to the program website I presume?!
(oh yes, it's good)

Squirt Baby said...

I really loved Life on Mars, and it took me a little while to decide how I felt about Ashes to Ashes. Enjoying the URST, the music and I love the look of the credits! Ah, so many memories! Have you noticed how often Alex and Gene walk around together? They're either drinking or walking!

frankie and ray said...

Oh yes, love a bit of URST! Not to mention a bit of walking and drinking...in boots, crocodile and white leather!