Monday, October 26, 2009

Playing along on a Monday morning

Inspired by Sally from GeorgieLove, I've decided to join in on My Place and Yours. It looks like a bit of fun! So, this week's theme is's mine.

In the spirit of things, I haven't tidied or arranged anything here, though it was a little hard not to! This is a fairly typical collection of things - reading glasses which are essential now for me to read almost anything. I resent them, but we are coming to terms with each other.
Two books. They are The Riders by Tim Winton - second hand from a Geelong op shop if I remember rightly. I love Tim Winton unreservedly.
Second book is Nurses with Altitude: a collection of stories compiled by Gaye Richardson. This actually belongs to my Aunt, and I've had it for a bit too long I think! She proof read this book for Gaye, who is a friend of the family and had a long career with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia. I have read about half of this book, all stories told first hand by RFDS nurses. Amazing experiences, and what incredible women.
Other than that, my alarm clock. I do like to know what the time is when I wake up.
Lip balm by Natio, a little Australian company that makes wonderful stuff. Not tested on animals, great price, Australian made, available at nearly every chemist shop I've been to.
Do all of us have dry lips? Is there an epidemic of lip dryness happening out there?
Our bedside lamps have been with us for the entire history of our shared bed, I bought them from Myer a million years ago on sale, and have never grown sick of them. They've come with us from Brighton to Elwood to Middle Park to Albert Park to Skenes Creek.
The bedside tables belonged to Emily Victoria, my late mother-in-law. They were stripped of paint and restored by Alan, my late dad. How nice is that?

And finally, the view from the bed. The cats have their playpen out on the front deck. They have always had a cat cage, and this one has a very nice view over the street. I do love my cats, but I do also think they need to be kept away from our lovely wildlife. And down here we are lucky enough to have lots and lots and lots of birds!


Danielle McDonald said...

It's lovely to see some bedside tables with such a beautiful story behind them. They're gorgeous too! Love the view from your bed. How dreamy!

frankie and ray said...

Thank you Danielle! I was a little surprised at how much I just wrote, and what stories come from everyday things!

Mandy said...

Yes it seems everyone has dry lips! I have seen quite a few today from the memes with some including mine! lol
Enjoyed your entry!

Crayon Chick said...

What lovely stories. I've been watching some of these Playing Along blogs, last week it was about shelves, and I've been tempted to join in. You've inspired me, as usual!

Squirt Baby said...

We are fortunate to have quite a bit of "furniture with history" - so I love your special bedside tables and their story! And it's always interesting to see what other peeps are reading.

Pip Lincolne said...

That is the cutest cat set up I have ever seen! They get to play in your room.. and then pop out to the patio?! Yikes that is ace! What a great cat parent you are! I'm so glad that you showed us bedside at your place! x