Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not a pretty picture

I've been sewing this morning, listening to the sound of chainsaws.
Three mature gums are coming down across the road.
Two months ago a block at the corner of our street was completely cleared of about 8 mature gum trees too.
We live on a part of the coast that has been declared one of the 52 townships at high risk in a bushfire, and there are now no restrictions on felling trees within 10 metres of a dwelling.
All the blocks here are just a normal sort of houseblock size, so technically every single tree could come down without any sort of permit.
To be honest, if we had a day like the terrible Saturday of February this year, nothing would save the houses here, and I worry that there is a deal of exploitation of the new regulations on tree clearing. Or rather, the lack of them.

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