Monday, December 7, 2009

Something to get me going

Monday blahs. I was having a bit of trouble getting going this morning.
It's been a busy few weeks with lots of markets, and then we managed to go to 2 parties in Melbourne over the weekend. Great to see some friends and catch up, but all the driving has left me feeling a bit lazy today.
I'm just back from town (Apollo Bay town that is), where a parcel in the po box has revved me up with some fresh enthusiasm. I realised that using my tea towels for skirt pockets was rapidly eating up my stash, so I thought I'd try an alternative.
This is a gorgeous linen that will work a treat, and I'm itching to get to it with my scissors!
ps. Hello Eliza, I have somehow managed to delete your comment, oops! You can get the fabric
from Duckcloth, it's a Japanese linen.

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Crayon Chick said...

Oh my. You just know I love that! Look at the colours! And look at the weave of the fabric! Gasp - perfection!